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"Municipal Property Management in South-Eastern Cities", SOUTH EAST EUROPE Transnational Cooperation Program, 2009-2012. More
"Value added for the business growth of NEs through spreading knowledge in the SME sector" Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, DG Enterprise and Industry Initiative, 2008-2010. More
"Steering Economic and Social Cohesion in the CADSES Space: Valuing Migration as a Development Tool", INTERREG IIIB CADSES, 2006-2008. More
"Creation of Telecenters to Support Learning, Entrepreneurship and Access to IS, in Isolated Areas", INTERREG IIIB CADSES, NEIGHBOURHOOD PROGRAMME, 2006-2008.
Local Dimensions of a Wider European Neighborhood: Developing Political Community through Practices and Discourses of Cross-Border Cooperation, EU 6th Framework Program for Research and Technology, 2006-2009. More
"Priority European Program in Advanced Regional Economics", Marie Curie, 2006-2008.

"DYNREG:Dynamic Regions in a Knowledge Driven Global Economy: Lessons and Policy Implications for the EU", 6th Framework Programme (6FP) for Research and Technological Development of the European Commission, 2006-2008. More

"Successful INTERREG Project Planning and Implementation - The Case of Remote Areas", C.I.P. Interreg – Interact program, 2006-2008. More
"Management of Water Resources and Wetland Protection in Tourism Developing Areas", INTERREG III B ARCHIMED, 2006-2008. More
"Creation of a Regional Pole of Innovation in the region of Thessaly", General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and the European Union in the framework of the 3rd Community Support Framework, 2006-2008.
"Urban Green as a Key for Sustainable Cities”. INTERREG IIIB CADSES, 2005-2008. More

ESPON 1.2.3: Identification of spatially relevant aspects of the information society"
ESPON 2006 Programme, 2005-2006. More

"Program FUToURISM concerns the integrated and sustainable development of tourist regions", 2005-2008. More
"Lines of exclusion as arenas of cooperation in Europe", EU 5th Framework Program for Research and Technology, 2002-2004. More
"RePlan: -Re assessing Planning Instruments", Progresdec-Interreg IIIC, 2006-2007
"RIMED: Regional Integration and Metropolitan Development in Southeaster Europe", INTERREG III B CADSES, 2003-2005. More
"The Impact of European Integration and Enlargement on Regional Structural Change and Cohesion", EU 5th Framework Program for Research and Technology, 2002-2004. More
Monetary Integration in Southeastern Europe
Alternative Approaches and their implications.
Research Program for the Promotion of the Exchange and Scientific Cooperation between Greece and Germany, IKYDA Program, 2001.
Spatial Planning Priorities for Urban System of Southeastern Europe
Ministry of Environment and Planning, Greece, 2000.
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