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Strategic Development Plan for the Balkans
Ministry of National Economy, Greece, 1999.
Overcoming Isolation
Strategies of development and policies of cross-border co-operation in Southeastern Europe after Agenda 2000.
Phare ACE Project P97-8196-R, 1999.
Competitiveness of CEFTA countries
Measurement and trends in the period of preparation to join the EU”, EU Phare ACE program (contract no: P96-6071-R), 1999.
Structural Changes and Spilovers in the East European Reform Process-2
EU ACE/PHARE program contract no: ACE-P96-6221-R), 1998.
Integration and Transition in Europe
The Economic Geography of Interaction.
EU PHARE-ACE Program (contract no ACE-P96-7438-O), 1997.
Structural Changes and Spilovers in the East European Reform Process-1
EU ACE/PHARE program (contract no ACE-94-0629-R).
Mondialisation, ajuste-ment et transformations des societes rurales dans les pays arabes mediterraneens
Recherche comparative avec la rive nord de la mediterranee.
MOST Program UNESCO, 1997.
Economic Cooperation in the Balkans
A Regional Approach to European Integration" EU ACE/PHARE program, contract no ACE-94-0760-R, 1997.
Cross-Border Cooperation between Albania, Bulgaria and Greece
EU ACE/PHARE program, contract no ACE-92-0391-R, 1995.
Restructuring Large Industrial Enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe
EU COST/PHARE program, contract no CIPA-CT-93-003, 1995.
Transformation and change of agricultural productive models in Western and Eastern Europe
EU Phare – COST Program, 1993-1994.
Rural reform and the operation of agricultural firms in Greece and Bulgaria
EU Phare – COST Program, 1993.
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