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Regional Integration and Metropolitan Development in South East Europe (RIMED) has been approved by the EU program INTERREG III B CADSES – 1st CALL PROPOSALS (application ref. 2A051).
The goal of the project is to promote development and regional integration in SEE through the promotion of polycentric and synergic development of the urban centres, securing that sustainable urban growth will be based on networks of cooperation among cities and will have strong spread effects.
The strategy focuses on the medium size (by European standards) cities of Sofia, Skopje, Tirana and Thessalonica.
Their place and relative proximity allows for a strategy of regional integration based on networks of cooperation and polycentric urban growth that will progressively embrace all the important cities in South-Eastern Europe (SEE).

This project promotes a development strategy for Southeastern Europe, which has three key elements:
(a) it is based on the urban areas in order to take advantage of agglomeration economies,
(b) it is based on trans-national networks of cooperation and
(c) it seeks maximum spread effects in the national context. This strategy envisages Southeastern Europe as a region with common social, cultural and economic characteristics and seeks the appropriate set of policies that will serve the following interrelated goals: increase integration, reduce fragmentation and promote sustainable and balanced urban and spatial development


Regional Integration and Metropolitan Development in Southeastern Europe"

Sunday 23 October 2005

The Conference is organized by the Organization of Planning and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki and the SEED Center.
In the Conference will be presented and discussed the findings of the RIMED project supported by the INTERREG III B CADSES Program of the EU for the cities of Skopje, Sofia, Thessaloniki and Tirana.








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